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TagWrite Profile More about the ZANDAR Corporation and the TagWrite software

ZANDAR was a California entrepreneurial startup in 1987 at the dawn of the PC Era founded by its President, Harry Summerfield, PhD. The company has been in business continuously and is wholly owned.

The head engineer for the past seventeen years is Brian Knittel, software design and implementation engineer and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and author of several best selling books on the Microsoft Windows operating system and other technical subjects.

ZANDAR Corporation began development on its core TagWrite software technology in 1987 following from a consulting contract with the U. S. Navy on the "paperless ship", ways to reduce the weight of technical manuals on-board ships. ZANDAR was substantially launched when the then dominant Xerox Corporation licensed parts of the technology. Our core technology is extensive, maintained and development continues on custom applications marketed under the registered trademark TagWrite®.

TagWrite is distinguished not only for its precision but also because the entire document conversion is performed in computer memory. TagWrite "parses" (reads) the original data and passes through all data without human intervention,(without the RISK) of human corruption). We do NOT scan or re-key or manually edit any document. The integrity of your data is protected. This results in substantial savings because most customers do not find a need to bear the huge cost to proofread the converted document for content.

The TagWrite core technology is applied to the following categories:

  • "tagged" documents. By "tagged" documents is meant ASCII text files that are marked up with embedded tags that indicate structure, content, style, data location, macros, and other purposes.

    Some well known tagging systems we work with are XML, IBM's Bookmaster and DCF/SCRIPT, Interleaf (marketed as "QuickSilver"), Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML); HTML; Ventura; KEEPS, and others.

  • XML: Microsoft Word or IBM Bookmaster (DCF/Script) to XML. Each job is unique and custom designed for precision using specially engineered versions of the TagWrite core technology.

  • Support for Frame via fully formatted RTF import.

We have worked in 11 languages and have experience with millions of pages of converted documents consisting of many different types and challenges. 

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Based on our ongoing market analysis, the cost for using TagWrite is dramatically lower than any other means in the market including re-typing the document in China or India. Several buyer surveys indicate that the TagWrite process is one-third to one-tenth of the price of any other method.

Custom Products

We have built on-demand MS Word to XML converters for well structured Word documents.

We have built Microsoft Word formatters for XML/SGML. For example, for a number of years we provided Boeing Commercial Airplane customers worldwide the TagWrite Boeing Service Bulletin Transformer to transform airplane service bulletins from Air Transport Authority standard SGML to Microsoft Word with tables and graphics in place. The end user needed to do nothing more than access normal Microsoft Word menus.

  • WordPerfect 5 and higher. For complex documents, the Microsoft WordPerfect import filter is generally unable to create clean files. The cost is huge to manually clean up and restyle badly formatted paragraphs and tables and insert missing components. There is the additional danger of contaminating the data as a result of human intervention.

    Each TagWrite WordPerfect conversion is custom built to obtain near perfect formatting in MS Word or XML including a full range of support for tables, special characters, equations, tabs, references, cross references, styles, graphics, equations, and virtually all other features. And there is no human intervention.

  • The TagWrite Ventura<>RTF Transformer is a point and click Wizard setup. The Import into Ventura portion of the Transformer was licensed by Corel, owner of Ventura, and was included in some versions of the Ventura retail box. The export transformer that lets you get out of Ventura and into RTF is available only from ZANDAR.

    Contact Us:
    ZANDAR Corporation
    Vermont, USA

    E-mail: sales@tagwrite.com      Phone: 802-662-0556
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