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TagWrite can convert interleaf into multiple formats such as RTF, XML, and Microsoft Word.

Convert WordPerfect Into RTF, XML, and exquisitely formatted Microsoft Word or Frame

TagWrite® converts WordPerfect to RTF, XML, or Word.

TagWrite will accept native WordPerfect 5 format and higher and precisely convert the WordPerfect to Microsoft Word.

Our customers are engineering firms, law offices, and other industries that have critical documents which require precise conversion.

Special rates are available for bulk conversion of legal documents.

Conversion to XML can be evaluated by our engineers.

Why Use TagWrite to convert WordPerfect to Word?

The Microsoft Word import filter for WordPerfect is not adequate for highly complex WordPerfect files. Many features do not convert accurately using the Microsoft Word import filter. Equations, special characters, references and cross references, parts of tables, ruling lines, headers, footers, footnotes, and many other features often do not import cleanly to Word using the Microsoft WordPerfect converter.

For large jobs, it is impractical or nearly impossible to manually clean up the deficiencies of the Word import filter. The cost of manual cleanup far exceeds the cost of a TagWrite conversion.


TagWrite is software created, owned and maintained by ZANDAR Corporation. TagWritge development began in 1987 and is continuously enhanced. 

We do NOT use the Microsoft Word filters. We apply TagWrite to build a custom conversion for each project. TagWrite provides us  full control over the conversion process. We can preserve virtually all of the original formatting at a cost that is a one third to one-tenth the cost of using any other method.

Integrity of Your Data is Protected

It is very important to understand that TagWrite is a software Transformer. TagWrite reads (parses) your original, native WordPerfect data. The entire conversion occurs in computer memory without human intervention. TagWrite is NOT a scanning or a key entry method. It is impossible to introduce "new" or junk data into your documents. This assurance of data integrity is a key feature.

The Highest Level of Document Formatting

TagWrite has been optimized to produce fully formatted Rich Text Format (RTF) output. This provides optimal import into Microsoft Word which can be saved in .DOC format with no loss of formatting. Frame and other document formatting software programs also support RTF.

Versions of WordPerfect

TagWrite WordPerfect Transformer supports WordPerfect 5 and higher.

Output Style (The Appearance of the Finished Document)

All WordPerfect styles can be transformed to styles in Microsoft Word. The appearance of the original WordPerfect document can be duplicated in the transformed document or you can change the stylistic appearance to meet current needs. Any input or output document style can be supported.

Supported Features

TagWrite provides deep formatting. Virtually any component of the source document can be transformed into Rich Text Format (RTF) fully formatted. Some of the features used in almost all documents are:

Equations (Mathematical Formulas)

Converted mathematical formulas are editable in MathType 6 and higher or the Microsoft Word Equation
Editor 3 format.


There are very few limits, but some may be encountered due mostly to differences between certain features of Word and WordPerfect.  ZANDAR Corporation technicians will examine your document and advise you on these problems, if any. We generally find a "work around" if we meet a problem, but for most documents, the limitations are few.

Processing of the Document and Cost

The setup and quality control analysis of a TagWrite conversion is an elegant software engineering task. Each project is unique, a work of art so to speak. ZANDAR software engineers setup, run, and monitor each unique project. Documents are processed by ZANDAR.  We maintain a FTP site for data transfer.

Cost varies depending upon the job requirements and size. Based on our ongoing market analysis, the cost for using the TagWrite transformer is one-third to one-tenth of the cost of any other method. Because of the power of TagWrite, historically, we have been price competitive with re-typing the document in China or India. Conversion in-house with manual clean up has always proven to be the most expensive and slowest method of conversion from WordPerfect.

All ZANDAR work is performed in Vermont and California by United States Citizens.

The low cost is especially apparent when you take account of four key factors:

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