TagWrite can convert interleaf into multiple formats such as RTF, XML, and Microsoft Word.

Convert Nuclear Procedures Into RTF, XML, or Word

The TagWrite Transformer converts Nuclear Procedure files to RTF, XML, or Word.

TagWrite? is software developed, maintained and wholly owned by ZANDAR Corporation. TagWrite converts all types of detailed engineering and technical documents and forms into fully formatted Microsoft Word.

Since 1987, ZANDAR Corporation has specialized in documents with critical content that demand precise conversion and intense quality control. Each TagWrite application is custom built for your specific job.

We have experience with approximately three-quarter million pages of Nuclear Procedures.

USA Citizens: All work is performed by USA citizens in our Vermont and California offices. We do not subcontract any work.

Integrity of Your Data is Protected - No Proofreading By Engineers

It is very important to understand that TagWrite is software that uses computer memory and logic to parse (read) all your original data in the original WordPerfect file. All of your original data (text, graphics, tables, equations, references, cross-references, etc.) is processed in memory and passed through to a new, fully formatted Word output document.

TagWrite is NOT a scanning or a key-entry method. There is no human intervention in the TagWrite conversion process.

This assurance of data integrity is an important quality control and cost feature. The TagWrite method can eliminate the cost that would go to pay highly trained engineers to proofread for content.

The Highest Level of Document Formatting

TagWrite provides deep formatting with no extra charges. Virtually any formatting element of your original document can be transformed into the new output document. Some of the features used in almost all documents are:

Special Characters and Symbols

Special characters and symbols are transformed into their ASCII or ANSI equivalent. This includes non-English and math characters anywhere in a document.

Note: WordPerfect had available some characters that are not available in the retail version of Microsoft Word. The use of these characters is unusual, but TagWrite knows when they occur and will either flag them or make a substitution that is agreed upon by the customer.


Native WordPerfect are converted and embedded in the Word output document. We support vector drawings, raster images, encapsulated postscript, and other graphic formats..

Equations (Mathematical formulas)

True mathematical formulas from WordPerfect are converted into correctly positioned, native Microsoft equations or to MathType. These equations are fully editable in Microsoft Word after conversion. If your documents have substantial equations, please discuss this with us.

Industry Quality Control Standards and Limitations

The high quality control requirements of the nuclear industry require that plant clerical employees visually inspect finished documents on screen before putting the documents into service. This is a clerical employee level review.

All data will be present in the conversion. During the review, minor styling errors can appear. A styling error is usually caused by a problem in the original data and sometimes because of a limitation in Microsoft Word. If a styling error occurs, a simple mouse correction is usually all that is required. ZANDAR will seek to enhance the converter to identify and fix future occurrences wherever possible.

As production progresses in a job, we modify the code without charge and strive to reduce the occasional formatting error to zero. Because TagWrite parses (reads) every byte in the file, we often are able to identify corruption in the original files and flag or correct the situation for you making the final product cleaner than the original.

Processing of the Document and Cost

Our price includes all features. We do NOT charge extra for any feature, for example, graphics, tables regardless of their complexity, automated features like references and cross references, index, table of content, or any other features. We do NOT charge extra regardless of the density of keystrokes on a page.

Based on our ongoing market analysis, the cost for using the TagWrite transformer is one-third to one-tenth of the cost of any other method including re-typing the document in China or India. (We do not subcontract and do not use off shore labor.)

Research shows that the most expensive way by far to convert nuclear procedure documents is to use in-house labor to clean up and manually reformat documents. Not only is the hourly cost per page for manual cleanup and styling exceedingly high especially when tables and complex situations like sign-offs and graphics are encountered, but also high cost is added because of the human intervention in the data. The possibility of data corruption as a by-product of human intervention in the conversion will require that the documents be proofread for content by highly paid engineers or trained proofreaders. TagWrite has no human intervention in the data.

Documents are processed by ZANDAR in our offices. Most customers supply raw files through on-line data transfer. We maintain a secure FTP site for data transfer. Some customers send files on CD. The finished files are returned to the customer by the most convenient and secure method.

Cost varies depending upon the job requirements and size. The low cost is especially apparent when you take account of four key factors:

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