Convert Interleaf (QuickSilver) Into RTF, XML, and exquisitely formatted Microsoft Word or Frame

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The TagWrite Interleaf™? Transformer Converts Interleaf (QuickSilver) files to RTF (MS Word, Frame), XML

TagWrite is software that converts all types of detailed engineering and technical documents and forms to the format that suits your needs.

Integrity of Your Data is Protected

TagWrite parses (reads) your original Interleaf data file and performs the conversion in computer memory without human intervention. It is very important to understand thatTagWrite is NOT a scanning or a key entry method. It is entirely a software solution. Human data errors are not introduced into your documents. For most customers, this eliminates the high cost of detailed proofing for content.


Since 1987, ZANDAR Corporation has specialized documents with critical content that demand precise conversion and rigorous quality control. Each TagWrite application is custom built for your specific job.

We have twenty-five years and millions of pages of experience with Interleaf (QuickSilver) conversion.

All work is performed by USA citizens in our Vermont and California offices. We do not subcontract any work.

The Highest Level of Document Formatting

TagWrite has been optimized to produce fully formatted Rich Text Format (RTF) for import to MS Word or  FrameMaker. Inquire about XML and DITA

Supported Features

Interleaf styles (classes) are converted to precisely styled paragraphs in Microsoft Word. The appearance of the original Interleaf document can be duplicated in the converted document. The TagWrite conversion process also is able to change the stylistic appearance to meet your current needs. Any document style and Windows compatible font can be supported.


TagWrite transforms native Interleaf vector drawings to editable Windows metafile vector format or to "shapes" including beziers, splines, arcs and other features. The converted vector graphics are editable in various graphic editing programs like Adobe Illustrator and others. There are very few, but potentially some limitations on graphic conversion. We will evaluate your project.

Text boxes within graphics are easily and directly editable in Word and Frame as text.

Raster images (like photos and scanned images) are converted as raster.


There are very few, but potentially some formatting limitations when moving between Interleaf and Microsoft Word, FrameMaker or other products due to the inherent limitations of the formatter. ZANDAR Corporation technicians will examine your document and advise you on these problems, if any. We generally find a "work around" if we meet a problem, but for most documents, the limitations are few.

High Security Environments

The following section describes our normal mode of working. Please inquire about methods we have successfully applied for converting documents under the highest security conditions.

Processing of the Document and Cost

The native Interleaf file format is very complex and was designed to be machine readable. Complexity is magnified because there is wide variability of its use even within the same group of documents.

Each Interleaf/QuickSilver conversion job requires technical set up and quality control analysis in the ZANDAR Corporate offices with ongoing quality control refinement during the course of production. Each job is a "work of art", so to speak. Except for high security jobs, we run the conversion and maintain continuous quality control monitoring on our computers and ship finished documents to the customer. We maintain a FTP site for data transfer.

We are highly efficient producers. Based on our ongoing market analysis, the cost for using the TagWrite Interleaf Transformer is far lower than any other means in the USA, and we compete favorably with the cost of re-typing the document in Chinaor India. The cost for TagWrite varies depending upon the job requirements and size. As page size increases, the per page cost generally declines.

The low cost is especially apparent when you take account of key factors:

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