TagWrite can convert interleaf into multiple formats such as RTF, XML, and Microsoft Word.

Ventura to RTF Transformer The Automated Way to Go From Ventura to Fully Styled Microsoft Word

Transform Ventura to RTF through a point and click interface!

TagWrite is a product of the ZANDAR Corporation. TagWrite RTF to Ventura transformer was originally commissioned by the Corel Corporation of Canada, the owners and publishers of Ventura. The Ventura to RTF EXPORT filter is available only from ZANDAR Corporation. To our knowledge, this is the only Ventura conversion tool available. You can order at sales@tagwrite.com or see the information at the end of this data sheet.

We support up to Ventura version 7.

Versions up to Ventura 7 will have a .chp directory. There will be a file (usually with a .txt suffix, but it can be .wp or .doc.) That file will contain the text of your document and markup tags that look like this:

@TAGNAME = text, blah, blah, blah

If your data file contains tags like this, then the TagWrite Ventura Transformer can be used.

Transform Ventura to RTF

Contact ZANDAR to discuss projects with larger page counts.

For projects with a relatively small page count, the commercial Ventura Transformer with its Wizard can meet your needs.

Through a point and click Wizard interface you can transform from Ventura format into fully formatted and styled Rich Text Format including fully styled tables.

The Wizard

The Ventura<>RTF Transformer functions with a sophisticated but very simple Wizard. Everything is fully menu driven. It is suitable for projects of smaller and modest size.

You select a Ventura style (.STY) sheet, and the Ventura tagnames are displayed in one column.

You select a Microsoft Word RTF document that contains all the styles and their attributes which you want to equate with the Ventura tagnames. A list of the Microsoft Word style names appear on screen.

You point and click to match the Ventura tagnames with the RTF style names.

When finished, select OK, and the application is built for you--automatically.

You then can select files to run through the application and re-use the application as many times as necessary.

You can build as many transformation applications as necessary.

Supported Features

Procedure to Use the Application

The Ventura .STY file contains all the style names in your Ventura document. The TagWriteVentura<>RTF Wizard reads your Ventura .STY file. .You simply point the Wizard to the location of your .STY file. (If you do not have a .STY file for your Ventura documents, then you can build one using any version of Ventura)

You must have a "master" document in Microsoft Word For Windows. This "master" document will contain all of the style names with their attributes. If you already have a Microsoft Word document with the complete list of defined style names, then it will serve as the "master". You simply save it from within Word as Rich Text Format, and select it from within theVentura<>RTF to display the list of Word style names.

Ventura source documents must be available in .TXT (ASCII) format. TheVentura<>RTF transformer cannot process Ventura files saved in a proprietary word processing format.

Skill Level Required

No special skill. You must know the location of your Ventura Chapter files and the location of the RTF file containing the styles you want to transform.

Fully automated istall. Easy to use instructions are included. ZANDAR Corporation takes pride in having virtually no help calls. Up and running in a few minutes.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 16 or 32 bit required. Does not support Windows 7, 64 bit.


$95.00 plus shipping (free shipping by Internet transfer). Payment by check please. Please order by email at sales@tagwrite.com.

You can order by email sales@tagwrite.com. Please provide name, exact shipping information including a telephone number. Normally we ship by return email as a ZIP file attachment.

We will contact you about the method of payment.

Return and Support Policy

Limited Warranty. TheVentura<>RTF transformer has been broadly tested and has been in the market since 1994. The product is actively maintained.

If the product does not perform according to the specifications in this data sheet, please report the problem to ZANDAR Corporation by E-Mail. ZANDAR Corporation, at its discretion, will correct the problem promptly or refund your money. No other warranty is offered. Because any software transformer is likely to encounter file format corruption or situations that are unique, it is impossible to offer an unlimited guarantee. All sales are final under these terms. The product is simple to use. We cannot offer end user support for this product.

ZANDAR Corporation provides services for conversion of large archives of Ventura files. Please contact us for pricing.

Contact Us:
ZANDAR Corporation

Essex Junction, Vermont, USA

E-mail: sales@tagwrite.com      Phone: 802-662-0556
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