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Precise Document Conversion    No Human Intervention.
Data integrity guaranteed. No re-keying. No scanning.
Since 1987


IBM Bookmaster, DCF, GML


Software Driven Document Conversion
Software Driven Quality Control

30 years experience

Precise conversion of documents of any complexity.

We started in 1987 with the Navy's Paperless Ship project. Among our main customers have been nuclear power plants, insurance companies for conversion of forms, defense and engineering firms and law offices that require exact conversion of formatted text, graphics, complex tables, equations, automated features like references and cross references, and all other features. Click on Clients above to see a partial list of our customers.

TagWrite® is our proprietary, mature and regularly maintained software that reads (parses) your native, source document into computer memory. TagWrite then, in computer memory, makes detailed decisions to produce precisely formatted output document

The conversion occurs entirely in computer memory.

No human intervention with data.
NO re-keying. NO scanning. Data integrity guaranteed!!

We custom build a TagWrite application to meet the specific needs of your project and run each conversion project under software driven quality control.

  Convert These Formats    ▶ ▶   Into These Formats
IBM Bookmaster
(DCF/Script, GML)
Interleaf (QuickSilver)

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
 RTF, doc/docx, PDF and



       All work performed in Vermont and California
 by United States citizens. We do not subcontract any work.


We have experience with military, high level Security conversions


 Precisely converted at
      no extra cost:

  • Tables of any complexity

  • Graphics (vector drawings.  raster, eps, charts, others.)

  • Cross references and other automated features

  • Index, TOC

  • Styles...and all other features


  • Precise conversion of equations
    to MathType or Word Equation Editor

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ZANDAR Corporation
Creator of TagWrite®

802-662-0556  E-mail:

Vermont, USA
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