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TagWrite® is a core of software modules under continuous development by ZANDAR Corporation since 1987.

TagWrite is used to convert all types of complex engineering, technical documents and insurance forms to XML or DITA among other formats.

We specialize in documents with critical content that demand precise conversion and the highest level quality control. Each TagWrite application is custom built for your specific job.

What are XML and DITA?

XML is an international standard for coding documents for publication on the Web or for use in document management systems.

Each XML project has its own "schema" or Document Type Definition (DTD). A DTD is the specification that defines how a document must be marked-up (tagged with codes). TagWrite can support virtually any XML schema (DTD).

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is a standardized version of XML defined in the DITA specification Version 1.2 in effect, 2012. DITA is used most commonly to publish documents on-line.

The TagWrite Method

TagWrite is software that digitally parses (reads) every byte of your original, native Microsoft Word or Bookmaster file. TagWrite then performs the entire conversion to XML in computer memory and outputs all original data.

TagWrite is a complete software solution. There is no human intervention in the conversion process. This feature is critical for most customers, 
It is very important to emphasize thatTagWrite is NOT a scanning or a key entry method. Because the data is not at risk for human contamination, this eliminates the high cost of detailed proofing for content for most customers.

We have twenty years and millions of pages of document conversion experience.

Work performed in USA

All work is performed by USA citizens in our Vermont and California offices. We do not subcontract any work.

Each Project Is Unique

Each XML project is based on its own XML Schema or "Document Type Definition" (DTD).  Each conversion project, therefore, requires a TagWrite application customized to the your unique specification. The actual conversion is conducted with quality control techniques to meet the specification.

Each group of Microsoft Word  or IBM Bookmaster source documents has its own characteristics, and, therefore, adds to the fact that each project requires a custom application to achieve a precise conversion

In other words, there is no standard, "out of the box", solution to a complex XML conversion project. 

Each TagWrite application is custom engineered by ZANDAR to meet the requirements of each separate job. Each job is "a work of art", so to speak.

What is supported in a TagWrite Conversion?

TagWrite supports essentially all features in the source document that are technically possible to convert to XML or DITA. Note especially that we support tables of any complexity and all autmated features like references and cross references and Table of Contents.


Because of the unique characteristic of each project, each project requires engineering analysis by ZANDAR before a commitment can be made to build a TagWrite conversion application. We do not charge for the basic analysis.

We do NOT charge extra for the density of keystrokes on a page or for the complexity of tables or the presence of other Microsoft Word or Bookmaster features.

Because of the complexity of an XML/DITA conversion, we will need to discuss the technical issues with you to evaluate the cost of conversion.

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